Presenter Profiles


Monica Bodirsky is a professional artist and author of the Shadowland Tarot, The House of Shadows Lenormand, and the Lucky Lenormand. Her spiritual practice is a blend of what she has been taught as well as familial folk magic from her Scandinavian, Northern and Eastern European and Romany heritage. She is the founder of WITCHfest North Arts and Culture Festival, and, C.A.T.S. the Coffee and Tarot Society in Toronto, Canada. A successful professional tarot reader since 1989, she also offers tarot classes and international artist residencies that integrate spirituality and creativity. 

Presenter Profiles

Presenter Profiles


Presenting: Intro to Shadow Work and Wellness using Tarot

Presenting:  Exploring Sacred Darkness w/ Tarot (Intensive)

Monica Bodirsky is a professional artist and the author of the Shadowland Tarot, The House of Shadows Lenormand, and the Lucky Lenormand. She has a diploma in illustration and design from Sheridan College, a bachelor’s degree in design from OCAD University, studied herbalism with Dominion College, and has received spiritual training from many Witches, Shamanic practitioners, First Nations elders and teachers from 1987 onward. Her own spiritual practice is a blend of what she has been taught as well as familial folk magic from her Scandinavian, Northern and Eastern European roots. She is the founder of WITCHfest North Arts and Culture Festival as well as C.A.T.S., the Coffee and Tarot Society in Toronto, Canada. A successful professional tarot reader since 1989, she also offers tarot classes and international artist residencies that integrate spirituality and creativity. When not creating her own art and reading tarot, she is a sessional instructor at OCAD University teaching a sustainability think tank course and design drawing.

Photo credit: Lisa East


 Presenting: Spellcrafting with Tarot: the Magic in the Cards

T. Susan Chang is the author of Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers (Llewellyn, 2018). She and Mel Meleen co-host the “Fortune's Wheelhouse” esoteric tarot podcast, which explores imagery and symbolism in Golden Dawn-based decks like the Waite Smith and Thoth tarots – the podcast's companion book, The Fortune's Wheelhouse Guide to Esoteric Tarot, is forthcoming from Llewellyn in late 2020. She is also the creator of the Arcana Case® for tarot decks, along with her line of zodiacal and esoteric perfumes. She reads tarot weekly in-person at Inspirit Crystals in Northampton, Massachusetts, and teaches the Living Tarot, an online tarot course for all levels of reader experience, to over 100 students.  All her offerings, events, and blog posts can be found at


Presenting:  Enhancing Divination & Psychic Abilities with Herbs 101

Presenting:  Advanced Divination & Psychic Abilities w/ Herbs (Intensive)

Toni Maurice-Milburn or Mama Toni – as she is affectionately known within the spiritual community – is the owner of Ebony Sage Apothecary in Waveland, Mississippi and is an initiated Oshun priestess in the Ifa tradition. She has more than 30 years of hands-on experience in root work, conjure and divination, having grown up in a family that considered Conjure a way of life. ​Mama Toni is known for her compassionate and empathetic nature, and provides offerings such as custom teas, herbal baths, healing products, and services to support the efforts of her clients. She holds several certifications and degrees, including Master Herbalist, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer, Massage Therapist, an M.A. in psychology, and a B.A. in both early childhood education and psychology, and she is currently a Ph.D. candidate in education.


 Presenting: Tarot For The Creative Process

Evvie Marin (they/them/she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist from northern Massachusetts and is the author and illustrator of the Interrobang Tarot blog. They’ve studied art and tarot together for twenty years, and tarot is a steadfast guide in Evvie’s multimedia art processes. Through Interrobang Tarot, they teach solo divination tips for creative misfits, and interview innovators, occult artists, and thinkers. They love to share offbeat, original spreads for introspection and social justice, including the collections “Eight Useful Tarot Spreads for Times and Resistance & Change,” and “Wicked Queer Tarot Spreads.” Evvie’s been creating several indie decks, including the Interrobang Tarot and Black Ink Tarot decks, both out in 2020. As a proud, queer spoonie, Evvie is passionate about diversity, and reinterpreting the tarot, while celebrating its historic roots. Old as dirt and new as now!


Presenting: Intuitive Tarot 101 

Presenting:  Herbs, Astrology, & Tarot: Understanding Correspondences  (Intensive)


Kris currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts and grew up foraging the New England woods near Robert Frost's Farm for mushrooms, plants, and herbs with her Lithuanian grandmother. She has read tarot professionally for over 25 years, and has taught various classes on intuitive development, tarot, and magickal herbalism around the country and internationally. Her goal is to empower others by awakening the inherent gifts we were all born with. Kris was an officer in the United States Air Force, earned an M.B.A. at Boston University, and studied herbalism at the Boston School of Herbal Studies. She founded Dark Moon Tarot in 2010 and has appeared on the History Channel's “Haunted History,” as well as an episode of “Ghost Hunters.”  

Photo credit: Tara Star Photography


Presenting: Burlesque As Self Love Sorcery

Performing: During the Witching Hour Soiree

The Triple B With The Double D's And A High C is a curvy, quirky, queer cutie with a fever for glamour and a fetish for beauty! Bianca Boom Boom is a critically acclaimed burlesque performer that has been seen on stages from New York to Los Angeles, dazzling audiences with her wit, theatricality, and larger than life...personality.  She is an accomplished music theatre actress and cabaret chanteuse who brings her unique triple threat know-how to every burlesque stage she steps on. Select appearances include the Toronto Burlesque Festival, the Texas Burlesque Festival, the Sweetheart Showcase (Ohio, headliner), the Burlesqueland Festival (Los Angeles, featured performer), the Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival, the Edmonton Burlesque Festival, and the Michigan Burlesque Festival. Bianca was also featured in the Summer 2014 Nightcap Edition of Bachelor Pad Magazineand was selected to be a 2015/2016 artist with the Women's Arts Network of Toronto.

Photo credit: LA Photographie


Presenting: Trusting & Developing Your Intuition Through Hypnosis

Presenting:  Mediumship Gallery (Intensive)

Mary D’Alba is a psychic medium and tarot reader specializing in heartfelt, empowering, and accurate readings. She has studied at the renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, with tutors such as Colin Bates and Sandy Baker. Mary is currently the official medium of the “Morning X Radio Show” on the #1 hit radio station x107.1 in the Cayman Islands. She is a certified tarot professional through the American Board for Tarot Certification. Her holistic training and practices include medical and clinical hypnotherapy as well as life coaching. Mary is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, ordained minister, astrologer, spiritual teacher, and ceremony officiant. 


Presenting:  Divination with Crystals - You’ve Gotta Feel Them

Melissa Kepley, D.Div; C.Ht, holds a BA in Behavioral Neuroscience from The College of William and Mary, and  a Doctorate of Divinity in Esoteric Christianity.  She is a licensed Interfaith Minister in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and a practicing New England trained Witch.  She has studied all aspects of The Craft for a little over 30 years, with Gemstones and Animal Communication as her areas of expertise. She resides with her husband and Familiars in Newport News, Virginia, and is the owner of The Magickal Attic located in Historic Hilton Village, Newport News, Virginia. 


Presenting: Tarot, Talismans and Manifesting Magic

Lori Lytle provides mystical yet practical guidance with tarot as Inner Goddess Tarot in Toronto. She is known for her compassionate, conversational, and empowering approach to the cards, and her ability to help her clients connect deeply with their own inner voice and inner Goddess. Lori is a solitary witch, a priestess, a diviner, an ordained minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, and an introverted empath. Lori holds two master’s degrees in ancient history/archaeology and museum studies, was a fundraising event planner, and lived in Japan for several years, but now her full-time focus is on tarot. She runs the popular Toronto Tarot Circle Meetup and offers readings and tarot classes internationally online. She blissfully spends a lot of her time in her golden home office with her cat, Willow. This year, Lori will be presenting at the Light & Love Tarot Reading Festival in Montreal, the Elora Tarot and Divination Festival in Elora, Ontario, and the Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, Oregon.


Presenting: Intro Divination for Cursebreaking 

Nick is a third-generation solitary hedgewitch with over 35+ years of professional divination and cursebreaking work experience. He was initiated into Tantric Buddhism in 1995 and spent 10 years as a Buddhist monk, and taught secular mainstream yoga for several years in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. He now leads “Feral Yoga for Witches” at The Cauldron Black in Salem, where he offers readings, ritual work, and secular magical activism for the resistance. 


Presenting: Tarot Yoga  - Saturday & Sunday morning

Chrissy spends her days as a marine biologist, while following her passions in music as the singer and guitarist of a punk rock band, as a visual artist using mixed media, and in human health and wellness as a yoga teacher and folk herbalist. A hedge witch since childhood, she spent long hours in the outdoors playing in the woods, fields, and the ocean waters, cultivating a fascination with and reverence for the natural world. Her education includes a bachelor’s degree in ecology, a master’s degree in marine biology, and 2 years of college-level teaching in anatomy and physiology. This paired nicely with her journey into yoga teaching when she became a 200-hour certified yoga teacher specializing in alignment-based vinyasa. She also has been trained in Thai yoga bodywork and received her reiki 1 attunement.  After completing a 9- month herbalism apprenticeship, she actively works to integrate knowledge, passion, and interest into a whole experience. Her scientific background feeds into her teaching and her work as a folk herbalist, and her strong yoga practice and rock and roll attitude assist with the stresses of the daily grind as a government scientist. She runs Rebel Yell Yoga and is also one half of the herbal/art duo The Chaos Factor, located in Salem, Massachusetts. Both companies team up often with Dark Moon Tarot and weave together a tapestry of yoga, herbalism, tarot, Eastern philosophy and Western pagan/earth-centric themes.  


Performing:  "The Tarot Cabaret" -  Welcome Social Friday night!

The Witchery is a unique creative space located on Pickering Wharf in Salem, Massachusetts. Owners Gret McGilvray and Bruce Malley have produced and performed over 30 shows that bring The Tarot and other themes to life through live music, visual media, and performance. Their current show is “Moon Witch,” which runs June - October 2020. 


Presenting: Taking the Fool’s Journey with Major Depressive Disorder

Affectionately known as "The Book Witch,” Roby is an avid reader, and her favorite hobby is dissecting cultural studies about women in history and the political ramifications of the patriarchy on their work. In addition to smashing the patriarchy through her writing, Roby is an animal welfare activist and is a gifted tarot reader. Roby lives in the Witch City with her two kitty familiars, her incredibly patient husband who supports all her witchy endeavors with fervor, and her baby witch - Baby Girl - who is growing into her witchiness every day. 

Photo credit: Amber Newberry


 PresentingThe Tarot Septenaries: The Fool's Journey 

Katy Chickels of Erleichda Tarot is a Salem-based tarot reader who has been avidly studying, practicing, and teaching tarot for over twenty years. She was taught the art of divination from her grandmother as a child, through cartomancy and reading tea leaves. Katy's tarot philosophy is based on anima mundi – the inherent connection between all living things. She believes that tarot is a valuable tool for sharpening intuition, self-understanding, and spiritual guidance. She utilizes the Jungian ideas of synchronicity, archetypes, and symbols for reading and teaching tarot. In readings, she uses her unique intuitive approach to reframe personal struggles as universal and timeless components of the human experience. A regular reader in Shining Moon Studio’s traveling Tarot Chariot, you can find Katy at art markets around Salem. She is also a frequent guest reader at The Cauldron Black, a shop located on Salem Wharf. Katy offers her services for private readings and events and teaches tarot basics for small groups and individuals.


Presenting: Making a Tarot Deck: Process and Mythos 

E. Lubanko is an artist, designer, and tarot enthusiast who has been working on their own fully illustrated 78-card deck for the last few years, set to be finished in 2020. They started reading tarot 18 years ago and have been hooked ever since. E.L.’s work runs the gamut from narrative illustration, occult art, erotica, traditional media painting, natural illustration, and visual design. They currently reside in the Boston area and can be found painting, teaching, and wandering the swamps and salt marshes. 


 Presenting: Intuitive Art: Creating with Tarot Cards

Mae is a trained intuitive guide and gifted tarot reader, as well as the creative force behind Journeys Inspired. She believes that healing gives one personal power and assists others in finding their personal power through divine guidance, energy healing, and energetic support through artwork, guided meditations, and her own inherent intuitive gifts.


Presenting: Tarot For Magic and Spellcraft

Roxie Zwicker has been connecting with spirits all her life. A gifted reader and intuitive for over 30 years, she has been a sought-after speaker and teacher on metaphysical topics throughout the Northeast for over 15 years. Roxie is the proprietor of New England Curiosities, a tour and event company based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She reads out of her space the Divinity Lounge and is the house reader for Deadwick’s Ethereal Emporium, both in Portsmouth.   Featured on the Travel Channel, History Channel, NECN and Chronicle, she is the published author of seven books on New England folklore, as well as the hostess of the hit podcast “Wicked Curious Radio.”




Presenting: 52 Fates: An Introduction to Playing Card Divination

Matthew Venus is a Folk Magician, Artist, and Witch. He specializes in Bone Throwing and Playing Card readings. Matthew has been studying, practicing, and teaching the magical arts for over 25 years. He is also the owner and lead apothecary of Spiritus Arcanum, and online and event based occult shop which specializes on quality handcrafted magical wares. 


Presenting: Taming the Tarot and Trusting Your Intuition

As a natural born psychic and medium, Yulia Applewood continues her grandmother's important work, using her hereditary gifts to help others improve their lives. Yulia is able to help those who have lost loved ones connect with spirit and assist individuals, children and couples with a clear glimpse into their futures. Using her gifts of energetic healing, folk magic, and ancestral wisdom, Yulia brings hope, healing and empowerment to her clients in a compassionate and empathetic way. Each reading and remedy is confidential and uniquely tailored to the client's needs. Beyond her psychic and medium gifts Yulia also holds advanced degrees in neuroscience and medieval studies. 




Presenting: Creating Sacred Space to Enhance Intuition

Auralis Flores is a New York City based Artist and Mystic.  Affectionately known as the Lipstick Mystic, Auralis uses her creativity and intuitive abilities as a personal hair and makeup designer, infusing magic into her work.  She is the cofounder and head witch at The Moon & The Muse,  a descendent of Medicine Women, and practices various types of magic including but not limited to Shamanism and Wicca. Her mission is to engage with the collective consciousness through the art of beauty and the elevation of spiritual connectivity. 



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